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Lockheed L-188 Electra Northwest Airlines "N130US"
General Background
In 1954 American Airlines was in the market for a 75 to 100 passenger for its short to medium range domestic routes. In response Lockheed developed the low wing L-188 Electra powered by four sleek turboprops instead of the usual large radial engines or jet turbines. The combination of engine and the Hamilton Standard propeller offered a much more reliable and fuel efficient aircraft that could travel at 375 mph for 2000 miles at an altitude of 20,000 – 25,000 feet. When production ended in 1961 there had been 170 Electras completed.
Specifications :
Length: 104 ft 6 in (31.81 m)
Wing Span: 99 ft (30.18 m)
Maximum Take Off: 116,000 lbs
Engines: 4 x Allison 501-D13 @ 3,750 hp at take-off
Fuel Capacity: 6,940 gallons
Maximum Speed: 448 mph
Cruise Speed: 2373 mph
Maximum Altitude: 28,400 ft
Range: 3,500 miles