Air Power Series>1:72 die-cast display model>P-40

  • HA5501

    1/72 Air Power Series


    Curtiss P-40N
    flown by Wang Kuang Fu, 7th FS/3rd FG, Chinese Air Force, Laohokow, China, Jan 1945

  • HA5502

    1/72 Air Power Series


    Curtiss P-40N
    lown by Chiao Wu O, 29th FS/5th FG, Chinese Air Force, China 1944

  • HA5503

    1/72 Air Power Series


    Curtiss P-40N Warhawk
    "White 49", 89th FS, 80th FG, Assam Valley, Naggaghuli Base, 1944

  • HA5504

    1/72 Air Power Series


    Curtiss P-40N "Rita/Orchid 13"
    2105202, flown by Capt. Robert DeHaven, 7th FS, 49th FG, August 1943

  • HA5505

    1/72 Air Power Series


    P-40N "Angry Bee"
    BU-O, flown by Lt. Ken Goldring, 80 Squadron, RAAF, Nov 1944

  • HA5506

    1/72 Air Power Series


    P-40N "Gloria Lyons"
    NZ3220, No.4 Servicing Unit, RNZAF, late 1944

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