Air Power Series>1:72 die-cast display model>MIG-25

  • HA5601

    1/72 Air Power Series


    MIG-25P Foxbat
    Red 31, flown by Lt. (Sg.) V. Belenko, Chuguyevka Airbase, Japan 1976

  • HA5602

    1/72 Air Power Series


    MIG-25PDS Foxbat 25211 "The Hornet Killer"
    flown by Lt. Zuhair Dawood, Iraqi Air Force, Jan 1991

  • HA5603

    1/72 Air Power Series


    MIG-25PD Foxbat
    1025th Aerial Squadron, Libyan Air Force, Benin 1981

  • HA5604

    1/72 Air Power Series


    MIG-25PDS Foxbat
    Blue 59, 146th GvIAP, 8th USSR Air Defence Army, Vasilkov AB, 1985

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