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Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless Cdr Howard Young, Commander of the Enterprise Air Group, 1942
General Background
The Douglas “Dauntless” was the workhorse for the US Navy during the WWII. This “Slow but Deadly” dive-bomber was the only plane that had fight in every major Pacific conflicts. Although it had been considered obsolete in 1941 already, the Dauntless was used until 1944 and undertook the last major conflict in the Battle of Philippine Sea. A total of 5,936 SBDs were produced in WWII.
The Aircraft
On December 7, 1941 Douglas SBD-2 Dauntless Bu.No. 2162 piloted by CDR Howard Young who was the Commander of the Enterprise Air Group led 18 SBD’s from the USS Enterprise to Ford Island and unfortunate timing found their arrival in the middle of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only were they being shot at by Japanese planes but friendly fire was a large threat. Unfortunately five SBD’s were lost with the others landing safely. CDR Howard Young led other attacks including Wake Island but was killed shortly after.
Specifications :


Length: 32 ft., 8 in.
Height: 13 ft., 7 in.
Wingspan: 41ft., 6 in.
Empty: 6,345 lb.
Gross: 10,400 lb.
Powerplant: One 1,000 horsepower Wright R-1820-52 engine
 Maximum Speed: 250 M.P.H.
Maximum Range with Bomb Load: 1,345 miles
Service Ceiling: 27,100 ft.
Crew: Pilot and gunner/radio operator
Armament: Two fixed forward-firing .50-in. guns, two flexible-mounted rear-firing .30-in. guns, 1,200 lb. of ordnance