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FW 190A-8 Stab JG 300 "Oberstleutnant Walther Dahl", Jan 1945
General Background
In 1937 the Me-109 was an excellent aircraft but the Reich Air Ministry wanted a new advanced fighter that could out perform any future foreign designs. Kurt Tank’s Focke-Wulf Fw-190 Würger (Butcher Bird) won the design competition by using an air-cooled radial engine. When the Fw-190 entered combat in the summer of 1941 it already was Germany’s premiere piston-powered WWII fighter. Over 20,000 of all variants of the Fw-190 were built with 13,291 of these being of the 9 different “A” variants.
The Aircraft
Major Walther Dahl initially flew with JG 3 but in June 1944 he was given command of JG 300. On September 13, 1944 Dahl is credited with bringing down a B-17 by ramming it and this earned him the nickname “Rammdahl”. This became a normal tactic for units using special variants of the FW-190 that had been reinforced to do the job. Dahl became inspector of day fighters but continued to fly sorties whenever possible. By the end of WWII Dahl had accumulated 129 victories.
Specifications :
Dimensions: Wingspan – 10.5 m (34 ft 5 in)
Wing Area – 18.3 m (197 sq ft)
  Length – 8.96 m (29 ft 5 in)
  Height – 3.96 m (13 ft)
Weight: Empty – 3,470 kg (7,650 lb)
  Maximum – 4,900 kg (10,800 lb)
Performance: Engine – BMW 801D 1,700 hp 14-cylinder radial engine
Maximum Speed – 657 kph (408 mph) (335 kts)
  Service Ceiling – 10,300 m (33,800 ft)
  Range – 800 km (500 mi) (435 nmi)
Armament: (2) 13 mm Machine Guns plus
  (4) 20 mm cannon or
  (2) 20 mm cannons plus
(2) 30 mm cannons