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FW 190A-8 5/II/JG300, Unteroffizier Ernst Schroder, Nov 1944
General Background
In 1937 the Me-109 was an excellent aircraft but the Reich Air Ministry wanted a new advanced fighter that could out perform any future foreign designs. Kurt Tank’s Focke-Wulf Fw-190 Würger (Butcher Bird) won the design competition by using an air-cooled radial engine. When the Fw-190 entered combat in the summer of 1941 it already was Germany’s premiere piston-powered WWII fighter. Over 20,000 of all variants of the Fw-190 were built with 13,291 of these being of the 9 different “A” variants.
The Aircraft
Schlachtgeschwader 1 (SchlG 1) was formed on January 13, 1942 as a ground-attack unit. In 1943 the Schlachtgeschwader 1 was renamed SG 1. It wasn't until late 1944, early 1945 that the Fw-190F-9 was put into action. At this point in time there were critical shortages of material so wood was being used for some parts such as tails, flaps and ailerons. The green Tech Chevron markings suggest this aircraft belonged to the Technical Officer for II/SG1 at München-Neubiberg, a major location for aircraft supply to Italy during the war.
Specifications :
Dimensions: Wingspan – 34.5 ft
  Length – 33.4 ft
  Height – 13 ft
Weight: Empty – 7,566 lbs
  Maximum Takeoff – 8,598 lbs
Performance: Engine – BMW 801D-2 producing 1,800 hp @ takeoff
Maximum Speed – 398 mph @ 20,000 ft TAS
Maximum Speed @ Sea Level – 343 mph TAS
  Stalling Speed
  Clean @ Maximum Weight – 118 mph IAS
  Landing @ Maximum Weight – 98 mph IAS
Armament: 2 x 13 mm machine guns
  4 x 20 mm cannons
  Plus various other ordnance