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Spitfire PR.XIX RM643, No.541 Sqn, Benson 1944
General Background
The Spitfire PR.XIX was the last Spitfire with elliptical wings and was the last RAF Spitfire type in front-line service. The PR.XIX was a combination of power by the Griffon engine of the Mk.XIV and the wings of the PR.XI making it the fastest Spitfire. Weapons were removed to allow for larger fuel tanks in the leading edge of the wings making it possible to fly missions as far as Berlin at altitudes over 40,000 feet. By the end of production 225 XIX had been made.
The Aircraft
The 541 Squadron was formed in October 1942 at RAF Benson, Oxfordshire, England. The squadron used Spitfire PR.XIX to carry out reconnaissance missions over Europe until the end of WWII. By late 1944 the D-Day stripes were worn on the fuselage only. No. 541 Squadron was disbanded on October 1, 1946 but reformed November 1, 1947. Still using the PR.XIX they flew photographic reconnaissance and survey missions. The squadron continued to use the PR.XIX until December 1950 when they were replaced with Meteors.
Specifications :
Number Produced : 225
Engine: (1) Rolls-Royce liquid-cooled Griffon 66 / 12-cylinder developing 2,035 HP @ 2,134 m (7,000 ft.)
The difference between the Griffon 65 and the 66 was the 66 had a blower to provide cockpit pressurization.
Fuel Capacity:
Internal: 954 L (252 gal)
External: Optional slipper tank/drop tank 85 L or 643 L (90 gal or 170 gal) these were seldom used on this Spitfire model because the added drag eliminated any benefits.
Maximum Speed: 735 km/h (457 mph)
Cruise Speed: 580 km/h (360 mph)
Maximum Altitude: Approximately 14,000 m (approximately 45,000 ft)
Normal altitude for vertical photography: 9000 m (29,530 ft)
Range: 880 km (547 miles)
Maximum Range: 1,125 km (699 miles) with a slipper tank/drop tank
Length: 9.96 m (32.68 ft)
Wingspan: 11.23 m (36.84 ft)
Weapons: None, only equipped with (2) vertical cameras with a focal length of 920 mm and (1) oblique camera with a focal length of 350 mm.