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Spitfire PR. Mk. XI PL965, Royal Air Force
General Background
The Mark XI was basically a Mark IX Spitfire interceptor that had its guns and armour removed, a larger oil tank added in the nose, a more powerful engine, a larger fuel capacity and photographic equipment added for recon missions. The Mk.XI defense was its speed.
The Aircraft
Spitfire Mk. XI PL965 "R" was manufactured at RAF Aldermaston in 1944 and was delivered on October 9, 1944 to 9 MU before going to the 16 Squadron based in Melsbroek, Belgium. In March 1945 the squadron was relocated to Eindhoven, Netherlands and then on to Celle, Germany before returning to England in 1946. On July 27, 1947 the aircraft was sold to the Royal Netherlands Air Force School and eventually on to the Dutch National War Museum in 1960. After a few more owners and moves the aircraft was painted in her original 16 Squadron markings and still flies today.
Role :
Number Produced : Basically a Mk. IX modified for photo-reconnaissance
Number Manufactured: 471
Engine: Rolls-Royce Merlin 61, 63 or 70 of 1,655 hp
Maximum Speed: 422 mph
Cruise Speed: 369 mph
Range: 1,360 miles
Ceiling: 40,000 ft
Span: 36 ft 10 in
Length: 30 ft
Height: 12 ft 7 in