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P-47M Thunderbolt Major George Bostwick, 63rd FS, 56th FG, 8th AF, Boxted, United Kingdom 1945
General Background
The P-47M was designed to destroy the German buzz-bombs, new jets and rocket powered aircraft. It was equipped with a Pratt and Whitney P&W R-2800-57 (C) engine with a larger super-charger and water injection that allowed the P-47M a war-emergency power of 2,800 hp @ 32,500 feet. Air brakes were added to help the aircraft slow during a dive. No under-wing racks were attached because the P-47M was strictly meant to be a fighter. Because of delays the P-47M didn't reach the ETO until December 1944.
The Aircraft
Lt. Col. Benjamin Mayo was a P-47 pilot and CO of the 82nd FS, 78th FG based at Duxford Air Base in England. While with the 82nd FS he flew his first P-47D 42-26671 MX-X named "No Guts No Glory". 42-26671 was built at the Republic's Evansville factory in Indiana. Mayo was transferred to the 84th FS, 78th FG where he flew two other P-47D's that were both named "No Guts No Glory". His third NGNG was used to down two Fw-190s on September 9, 1944 near Giessen Germany.
Specifications :
Total Number Produced: 12,602 most numerous variant
Crew: 1
Length: 36 ft. 1 in. (11 m)
Wingspan: 40 ft. 9 in. (12.42 m)
Height: 14 ft. 8 in. (4.47 m)
Engine: 1 x Pratt & Whitney R-2800-59 twin-row radial, 2,535 hp (1,890 kW)
Maximum Speed: 433 mph @ 30,000 ft (697 km/h @ 9,145 m)
Service Ceiling: 43,000 ft. (13,100 m)
Rate Of Climb: 3,120 ft/min (15.9 m/s)
Range: 800 mi. combat, 1,800 mi. ferry (1,290 km combat / 2,900 km ferry)
Armament: 8 x .50 in. (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns w/ 3,400 rounds
Maximum 2,500 lbs (1,134 kg) of bombs
10 x 5 in. (127 mm) unguided rockets