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P-51C Mustang No.32 Squadron, Chinese Air Force, 1945
General Background
The only difference between the North American P-51B and C variants was the B was built in Inglewood and the C in Dallas. The B variant first flew on May 5, 1943 and the C variant first flew on August 5, 1943. The B variant saw 1,988 built while the C variant saw 1,750 built. On December 1, 1943 the P-51B Mustang flew its first combat mission and in March 1944 provided bomber escort to Berlin.
The Aircraft
In 1944 the USAAF 14th Air Force became involved in the Sino-Japan War on the side of the Nationalist Chinese Air Force. By this time the CNAF (CNAC – Chinese Nationalist Air Corps) already had been fairly well equipped with up-to-date aircraft delivered by the U.S.. By 1944 the list included A-29, P-40, P-43 and P-66s and with the defeat of Germany more of the latest advanced aircraft began arriving in 1945 which included B-25 Mitchell, B-17 Flying Fortress along with P-51Bs and P-51Ds. Several Mustangs came from the 23rd FS.
Specifications :
P-51B/C Production: 3,738
B: 1,988 produced at Inglewood plant
C: 1,750 produced at Dallas plant
Length: 32.25 ft
Wingspan: 37.04 ft
Height: 13.67 ft
Empty: 6,985 lbs
Normal T/O: 9,800 lbs
Maximum Gross: 11,800 lbs
Power Plant: 1 X Packard (Rolls Royce) V-1650-3-7 producing 1,380 hp in the B variant and 1,490 hp in the C variant
Maximum Speed: 439 mph @ 25,000 ft
Service Ceiling: 41,800 ft
Range: B – 1,180 miles
C – 1,900 miles
Armament 4 x .50 cal machine guns with 1,260 rounds
2 x 1,000 lb bombs or rockets