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Lockheed F-104C Starfighter #0-60914 "Snoopy Sniper" 435th TFS, USAF, Udorn 1967-68
General Background
The F-104 Starfighter was an military aircraft with revolutionary designs. It had short razor-sharp wings and was the first aircraft to be able to maintain Mach 2 not just in short bursts. This extremely high speed earned the plane the nickname "The Missile With A Man In It". Because of financial considerations 15 or more countries purchased the F-104. The Starfighter flew with the USAF in 1958 and the last airplane was decommissioned in Italy in 2004.
The Aircraft
F-104C b/n 0-60914 "Snoopy Sniper" was piloted by Major Herb Drisco of the 435 TFS and wore this nose art in 1966 and 67. Early on in 1966 the supersonic Mig-21 started to appear over North Vietnam. The U.S. solution was to deploy the F-104s, so in June 1966 F-104Cs from the 435th TFS "Screaming Eagles" started to arrive at Udorn RTAFB in Thailand. All the aircraft wore the 3 tones SEA (South East Asia) camouflage soon to be referred to as "Vietnamese Camouflage".
Specifications :
Span: 21 ft. 11 in.
Length: 54 ft. 10 in
Height: 13 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 27,853 lbs. max
Armament: One M-61 20mm cannon, two air-to-air missiles: nuclear or conventional bombs
Empty: One General Electric J-79 of 15,800 lbs. thrust with afterburner
Crew: One
Cost: $1,471,000 (1950 & early 60's dollars)
Normal Performance:
Maxium Speed: 1,320 mph.
Cruising Speed: 576 mph.
Range: 1,250 miles
Service Ceiling: 58 000 ft