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Lockheed F-104C "World Attitude Record" flown by Capt Joe Jordan, Dec. 14 1959
General Background
The F-104 Starfighter was an military aircraft with revolutionary designs. It had short razor-sharp wings and was the first aircraft to be able to maintain Mach 2 not just in short bursts. This extremely high speed earned the plane the nickname "The Missile With A Man In It". Because of financial considerations 15 or more countries purchased the F-104. The Starfighter flew with the USAF in 1958 and the last airplane was decommissioned in Italy in 2004.
The Aircraft
At Edwards AFB on December 14, 1959 and on the fifth attempt Lockheed F-104C 56-0885 piloted by USAF Captain Joe B. Jordan reached an altitude of 103,389 feet (31,513 m) officially setting a new world altitude record for turbojet-powered aircraft. The aircraft belonged to the 479th TFW at George AFB that was deployed to Moron AB, Spain in November 1959. On May 9, 1961 56-0885 was lost when it went out of control and the pilot safely baled out. The cause was a wrong size elevator hinge pin had been installed.
Specifications :
Span: 21 ft. 11 in.
Length: 54 ft. 10 in
Height: 13 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 27,853 lbs. max
Armament: One M-61 20mm cannon, two air-to-air missiles: nuclear or conventional bombs
Empty: One General Electric J-79 of 15,800 lbs. thrust with afterburner
Crew: One
Cost: $1,471,000 (1950 & early 60's dollars)
Normal Performance:
Maxium Speed: 1,320 mph.
Cruising Speed: 576 mph.
Range: 1,250 miles
Service Ceiling: 58 000 ft