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Mirage 2000 "2004 NATO Tiger Meet"
General Background
The Dassault Mirage 2000 was developed as a replacement for the Mirage III and F1. Although it was a replacement it borrowed heavily from the Mirage III delta wing design. The F1 had lost out to the F-16 as the main fighter for the Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway Air Forces but the new Mirage 2000 had become a viable option for about 10 other Air Forces. The Mirage 2000C interceptor was the first version to enter operational service in 1984 on the 50th anniversary of the French Air Force.
The Aircraft
The 2004 NATO “Tiger Meet” was held in Schleswig-Jagel, Germany. The gathering started in 1959 as a social event but developed into an almost annual invitational opportunity to test flying operations and exchange of techniques. One team present was also one of the oldest Tiger Association members; it was the French Armee de’l Air EC 1/12 “Cambresis”. This is the same squadron that had hosted the 2003 meeting. The aircraft sent to represent them was Mirage 2000RDI 97/12-YT. The aircraft received this simple but striking paint scheme while using the basic camouflage colors.
Specifications :

Wing Span:

29.9 ft
Length: 47 ft
Combat weight: 21,000 lbs.
Maximum thrust of the SNECMA M53-P2: 98 kN
Two versions: single and twin-seaterr
Internal weapons (single-seater): 2 X 30 mm guns
Store stations: 9
Maximum take off weight: 38,500 lbs.
Fixed (removable) probe for in-flight refueling: Buddy-Buddy capability
Maximum Mach number: Mach 2.2+
Approach speed: 140 Kts
Maximum climbing speed: 60,000 ft/min
Time to climb to 36,000 ft/Mach1.8: 5 min
Operational ceiling 55,000 ft
Loiter time at 150 N.M. from the base at Mach 0.8/25,000 ft*: 2hr 40 min
Range / combat at M 0.8/15,000 ft**: 830 N.M.
Turn Around Time (Refueling and 6 Air to Air reloading): 15 min * 3 external tanks + 6 MICA.
  ** 6 Mica, external tanks dropped prior to combat.
Availability in war time (Kosovo): 100%
These specs are from the Dassault Aviation site