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F-105D Thunderchief 34th TFS, 388th TFW, Korat RTAB, August 1967 "Lt. David B. Waldrop"
General Background
The Republic F-105 Thunderchief first entered service in 1958. It had been designed for high-speed low-level penetration to deliver a nuclear bomb but was converted to deliver conventional payloads. It was the heaviest U.S. single-engined fighter ever made and could carry a greater bomb load than the B-17, B-24 or B-29. Best known for its action in Vietnam the F-105 flew over 20,000 combat missions with the loss of 382 aircraft out of the 833 produced.
The Aircraft
With over 20,000 F-105 missions flown in Vietnam the most famous F-105D action came on August 2, 1967 when the 335th and 388th TFWs stationed at Korat AFB in Thailand heavily damaged the Paul Doumer Bridge north of Hanoi. This was a major artery for re-supply between China and North Vietnam. As part of the 388th TFW the 34th TFS flew F-105Ds from June 1966 until May 1969. On August 23, 1967 while flying an F-105D Lt. David B. Waldrop is credited with downing a MiG-17. Some say he actually shot down 2 aircraft.
Specifications :
Nick Names: Ultra Hog, Super Hog, Iron Butterfly, Lead Sled, Thud
Role: Fighter/Bomber
User Countries: U.S.A
Crew: (1) pilot
Engine: (1) Pratt & Whitney J75-P-19W turbojet, rated at 17,200 lb.s.t. dry and 26,500 lb.s.t. with afterburner
Maximum Speed: 1,420 mph at 38,000 ft
1,372 mph at 36,000 ft
1,122 mph at 50,000 ft
836 mph at sea level
Stall speed: 208 mph
Initial Climb Rate: 34,500 fpm (clean)
Service Ceiling: 32,100 ft
Combat Ceiling: 48,500 ft
Maximum Ceiling: 50,000 ft
Combat Range: 778 miles
Maximum Range with full external fuel: 2,208 miles
Emptyt: 27,500 lbs
Combat: 35,637 lbs
Gross: 48,400 lbs
Maximum Take/Off: 352,546 lbs
Normal Internal Fuel Load: 1,160 US gallons
Internal Weapons Bay: 390 US gallon auxiliary tank
Optional 450 or 650 US gallon external tanks on the fuselage centerline
Plus a 450 US gallon tank on each of the inboard under-wing pylons
Wing Span: 34 ft 11 in.
Length: 64 ft 3 in.
Height: 19 ft 8 in.
Wing Area: 385 sq. ft.
Armament: (1) 20-mm M61A1 rotary cannon with 1028 rounds (fire rate 6,000 rpm)
Up to 8,000 lbs of ordnance could be carried in the internal weapons bay
An additional 6,000 lbs of ordnance could be carried on (4) under-wing pylons and (1) rack under the fuselage center-line
Up to (4) AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles for self-defense
Up to (2) 3,000 lb bombs
Up to (5) 1,000 lb bombs
Up to (16) 750 lb bombs
Mk 77 napalm, ECM pods, 2.75 in. rockets