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EF-111 Raven 42nd ECS, RAF Upper Heyford, UK 1989 "LET'EM EAT CROW"
General Background
The General Dynamics F-111 “Aardvark” entered service in 1967 as a medium-range aircraft designed for interdiction and tactical strikes. The F-111 was used as an all-weather attack aircraft capable of low-level penetration of enemy territory. It also could be used for reconnaissance and electronic warfare. Some unique features are variable geometry wings, the 2 crew members sat side by side in an escape capsule, internal weapons bay; terrain following radar and afterburning turbofans. The USAF retired their last F-111 in 1998 with the RAAF proposed retirement in 2010.
The Aircraft
The first EF-111A flight took place on May 17, 1977. The 42nd ECS (Electronic Combat Squadron) of the 20th TFW located at Upper Heyford, UK received their first EF-111As in February 1984. The official name for the EF-111 aircraft was “Raven” but quite often was referred to as “Spark Vark” by the crews. The last U.S. EF-111s were retired on 2 May 1998. “LET EM EAT CROW” painted on aircraft 67-0034 is a reference to the EWO (Electronic Warfare Officer) who were known as “Crows”.
Specifications :
Aircraft variant name : Raven
First delivery to combat units : 1981
Number of F-111As converted to EF-111As by Grumman : 42
Role : Electronic warfare aircraft
Crew : 2 X pilot, Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO)
Powerplant : 2 x Pratt & Whitney P&W TF30-P-3 turbofan, 10,750 lb.s.t dry and 18,500 lb.s.t with afterburning.
(lb.s.t. - Pounds Static Thrust)
Maximum speed : 1,460 mph (Mach 2.2 / 2,350 km/h) above 30,000 ft
Normal range : 2,000 miles (1,740 nmi, 3,220 km)
Ferry range : 3,800 miles (3,300 nmi, 6,110 km)
Service Ceiling : 45,000 ft (13,715 m)
ROC 11,000 ft/min (3,353m/min)
Dimensions :
Length : 76 ft (23.17 m)
Wingspan : 63.0 ft (19.2 m) extended - 32.0 ft (9.74 m) swept
Height : 20 ft (61. m)
Wing area : 657.4 ft² (61.07 m²) spread - 525 ft² (48.77 m²) swept
Weights :
Empty: 55,275 lb (25,072 kg)
Loaded: 70,000 lb (31,751 kg)
Maximum Takeoff: 89.000 lb (40,370 kg)