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Northrop F-5F (MiG-28UB), 1980s (pseudo scheme)
General Background
The Northrop F-5 tactical fighter was designed as an extremely maneuverable, supersonic fighter with a high rate of reliability at a low operating cost. The F-5 first flew on July 30, 1959 with the first customer delivery in 1964. The last of more than 2,600 F-5’s was produced in 1989 and about two-thirds of these are still in service with 26 countries more than 4 decades later. The F-5 was manufactured by Northrop Grumman and under license in Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain and Switzerland.
The Aircraft
Since the Soviet/Russian aircraft are assigned odd number designators (MiG-15, MiG-17, Mig-19) the MiG-28 is purely a fictional designator for F-5 aircraft used in the movie “Top Gun”. The enemy aircraft in the movie were 3 F-5Es and 1 F-5F supplied by the real Topgun squadron and painted with a temporary semi-gloss black scheme. The aircraft had the shark nose radome and leading edge extension modifications. These MiG-28 aircraft were never clearly identified as belonging to a specific country although the markings are suggestive of several potentially hostile countries.
Specifications :
Specification for the Northrop F-5E/ F-5F Tiger II
Number Built: 1,400 + E/F
Role F-5F: Two-seat Combat Trainer Version Of The F-5E Tiger II
Length (F-5E): 47 feet 4.75 inch (14.65 m)
Length (F-5F): 51 feet 4 inch (15.65 m)
Wingspan F-5E & F-5F: 26 ft 8 in)
Height (F-5E): 13 feet 4 inch (4.06 m)
Height (F-5F): 13 feet 1.75 inch (4.01 m)
Empty Weight (F-5E): 9,723 lb (4,410 kg)
Empty Weight (F-5F): 10,576 lb (4,797 kg)
Max Take-off Weight (F-5E): 24,722 lb (11,214 kg)
Max Take-off Weight (F-5F): 25,152 lb (11,409 kg)
Powerplant: 2 x General Electric J85-GE-21B Turbojets With 5,000 lb.s.t. With Afterburning
Maximum Speed F-5E: Mach 1.64 @ 36,000 ft
Maximum Speed F-5F: Mach 1.55 @ 36,000 ft
Range (F-5E): 1,545 nm (2,863 km)
Range (F-5F): 1,270 nm (2,353 km)
Service Ceiling (F-5E): 51,800 ft (15,780 m)
Service Ceiling (F-5F): 50,800 ft (15,484 m)
Max Rate of Climb (F-5E): 34,500 feet/min
Max Rate of Climb (F-5F): 32,900 feet/min
Armament 1 x In-Nose 20mm M39A2 Cannon With 140 Rounds
2 x AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles On Wing Tips
5 x Pylons Capable Of Carrying Up To 7,000 lbs. Of Ordnance Or Fuel
1 x Under Fuselage Center-line
4 x Under Wing (2/Wing)