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F-106A Delta Dart 5th FIS, USAF, 1984 "Spittin Kittens"
General Background
The Convair F-106 Delta Dart began as an advanced version of the F-102 but because of so many modifications and design changes it became a new aircraft with its own designation. It was designed as a missile carrying all-weather interceptor against Soviet bombers and served in this role from the 1960s until the 1980s. The F-106A as well as the F-106B two-seat trainer served with 15 fighter interceptor squadrons starting in 1959. The aircraft was rarely referred to as the Delta Dart but was commonly called the “6”.
The Aircraft
The 317th Convair F-106A Delta Dart built was c/n 8-31-19 serial 59-0130 / AD152 and was delivered to the USAF on September 1, 1960. The 5th FIS "Spittin Kittens" was the last unit 59-0130 was assigned. The "Spittin Kittens" got their name from the 2 lynx cub mascots they adopted. In 1985 the F-15 began replacing the F-106s and this aircraft was sent to storage and then converted to a drone and survived. Next it was used by NASA before being sent to AMARC in 1998.
Specifications :
Crew: 1 x Pilot
Length : 70.7 ft (21.55 m)
Wingspan : 38.25 ft (11.67 m)
Height : 20.28 ft (6.18 m)
Empty : 24,420 lb (11,077 kg)
Loaded : 34,510 lb (15,670 kg)
Powerplant : 1 x Pratt & Whitney J75-17 afterburning turbojet producing 24,500 lbf (109kN)
Maximum Speed : Mach 2.3 (1,525 mph / 2,455 km/h)
Rate Of Climb : 29,000 ft/min (150 m/s)
Time To Altitude : 6.9 min to 52,700 ft (16,065 m)
Service Ceiling : 57,000 ft (17,000 m)
Ferry Range : 2,700 mi (2,300 nm / 4,300 km)
Combat Range : 1,800 mi (1,600 nm / 2,900 km)
Armament : 1 x 20 mm (0.787 in) M61 Vulcan Gatling gun
2 x AIM-4F Falcon
2 x AIM-4G Falcon
1 x AIR-2A Genie nuclear rocket