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E-2C Hawkeye VAW-123 "Screwtops", USS Enterprise, Atlantic Ocean, Oct 2005
General Background
The Northrop E-2 Hawkeye is an all-weather airborne early warning aircraft (AEW). The E-2 was a twin-turboprop developed in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s for the USN. The E-2 is a carrier- capable aircraft and has received major upgrades in their electronics for the E-2B and E-2C with the E-2C also receiving improved turbo-prop engines. The E-2 has been in production since the 1960’s making it the longest production run of any carrier based aircraft. The E-2C variant became operational in 1973.
The Aircraft
VAW-123 can its beginning to 1945 with the commissioning of VC-12 known as Composite Squadron Twelve. In 1956 VC-12 was re-designated VAW-12 and eventually VAW-123 “Screwtops”. VAW-123 is a Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron based out Naval Air Station Norfolk, Virginia and is an operational fleet squadron equipped with the Northrop E-2C Hawkeye. The E-2C provides radar, radio and satellite communications for the unit it is assigned to operate with. While onboard USS Enterprise the unit provided support for special operation forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. 163693 arrived at AMARC January 30, 2013
Specifications :
Number of E-2C delivered: USN/180, USN Reserve for drug interdiction/6, others countries/30
Crew: 5 / 1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot, 1 Radar Officer (RO), 1 Combat Information Center Officer (CICO), 1 Aircraft Control Officer (ACO)
Length: 57 ft 8.75 in (17.60 m)
Wingspan: 80 ft 7 in (24.56 m)
Height: 18 ft 3.75 in (5.58 m)
Wing Area: 201.1 ft². (18.68 m²)
Engines: 2 x Allison / Rolls Royce T56-A-427 5,100 shp (3,800 kW) each
Maximum Speed: 350 knots (648 km/h)
Cruise: 256 knots (474 km/h
Ferry Range: 1,462 nmi (2,708 km)
Service Ceiling: 34,700 ft (10,576 m)
Endurance: 6 hrs
Empty: 40,200 lb (18,090 kg)
Loaded: 43,068 lb (19,536 kg)
Maximum Take-Off: 57,500 lb (26,083 kg)
Avionics: AN/APS-145 Radar
OL-483/AP IFF interrogator system
APX-100 IFF Transponder
OL-698/ASQ Tactical Computer Group
AN/ARC-182 UHF/VHF radio
AN/ARC-158 UHF radio
AN/ARQ-34 HF radio
AN/USC-42 Mini-DAMA SATCOM system