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Su-30SM Flanker C Red 03, 31st Fighter Aviation Regiment, Russian Air Force, 2015
General Background
The Su-27S (NATO reporting name – Flanker) is a single-seat highly-maneuverable fighter aircraft built by Sukhoi Design Breau as the Soviet response to the U.S. F-14 and F-15 and entered service in 1985. The primary role of the Su-27 was to provide defense against American bombers, USN ships and provide Soviet bomber escorts. There have been many improvements over the years resulting in numerous variants of the Su-27. The export variant, the Su-27SK was sold to China and eventually developed into the license-built Shenyang J-11.
The Aircraft
The 31st IAP (Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment) is based at Millerovo near the Ukrainian border. They retired their MiG-29s for the newer Su-30SM fighters to equip two squadrons. There are 16 Su-30SMs numbers 01 – 11 and 21 – 28. The Su-30SM is based on the export version built for India. The Russian Air Force ordered 60 Su-30SM with the Russian Navy ordering 12 for their carriers and plan on ordering 48 additional for their land based units. In 2015 the 31th Aviation Regiment Red 03 was stationed at Khmeimim AB Syria.
Specifications :
Developer: JSC Sukhoi Design Bureau
Role: Multirole fighter
Number produced: 138
Maiden flight: September 21, 2012
Crew: 2
NATO name: Flanker C
Length: 21.94 m
Wingspan: 14.7 m
Height: 6.36 m
Empty: 17,700 kg
Loaded : 24,900 kg
Maximum: 34,500 kg
Power Plant: 2 X AL-31FP Saturn/Lyulka engines
Thrust: 7,6770 / 12,500+ kgf
Speed: Mach 1.9
Service Ceiling : 17,300 m
Range: 3,000 km
Gun: 1 X 30 mm
Hardpoints: 12 Missiles
Missiles: Air-To-Air R-27, R-73, R-77 Missiles
Air-To-Ground FAB-100 / 250 / 500 KAB-500 / 1,500 Kh-29, Kh-31, Kh-59 OFAB-100-120 / 250-270 S-8 / 13 / 25