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Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian 812/10012, Taiwan Army
General Background
The AH-64E Apache Guardian was originally designated AH-64D Block III in 2012 but because of its advanced capabilities compared to previous variants it was renamed. Everything about the AH- 64E is bigger and better or improved when compared to earlier variants. A large number of improvements are meant to protect the crew from guns up to 27 mm rounds as well as crash resistant seats. Equipped with new sensors, avionics and night operation capabilities the AH-64E also has the ability to control UAVs.
The Aircraft
Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian 812/10012 c/nTW012 Bu.No 11-00012 was accepted by the Taiwan Army December 13, 2013. The ROCA received thirty AH-64Es that would equip two squadrons of the 601st Air Cavalry Brigade and stationed at Taoyuan’s Longtan District in northern Taiwan. The purpose of the northern location is to defend against any land operations in that area. One AH-64E crashed while training leaving twenty nine serviceable. Their AN/APG- 78 Longbow fire-control target acquisition radar gives the helicopter day/night, all-weather, 360° search capabilities up to 8 km.
Specifications :
Crew: 2 X Pilot On Raised Rear Seat, Co-Pilot/Gunner In Front Seat
Length: 58 ft (17.7 m)
Main Rotor Diameter: 48 ft (14.6 m)
Width: 17 ft (5.23 m))
Height: 16.2 ft (4.95 m)
Weight Empty – 10,340 lb (5.17 t)
Maximum Takeoff Weight - 20,860 lb (10.43 t)
Engine: 2 X General Electric T700-GE-701D Turboshafts
Horse Power: 1,994 shp Each
Range: 295 mi (476 km)
Cruise Speed: 171 mph (275 km/h)
Max Speed: 186 mph (300 km/h)
Service Ceiling : 21,000 ft (6,400 m)
Armament: 1 X 30 mm Cannon W/1,200 Rounds
4 X Hardpoints Mounted On Stub-Wing Pylons
16 X AGM-114L Hellfire-2 Anti-Tank
4 X AIM-92 Stinger
4 X Mistral
2 X AIM-9 Sidewinder Air-To-Air
2 X AGM-122 Sidearm Anti-Radiation
19-Shot Pods With Hydra 70 Unguided Rockets