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Ivan Abrams
Ivan Abrams
Occupation : Chief of Party Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) USAID--Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs Support Project

Total No. of Collections :
Probably 200 aircraft, from HobbyMaster; Corgi; Dragon; Gemini; IXO; Century; and Witty. Some 1/72 armor

Favorite HM Models : F-104C and F-104G; F-100C and F-100D; A-10; F-4E, F-4EJ; Helldiver; Avenger; A4 Skyhawk; AV-8 Harrier

Reasons for Collecting :
I started collecting Dinky Toys and Matchbox models when I was a child, and actually still have a few of those models--very beaten up--in my collection. I've built plastic models most of my life, but as the demands of family and my profession grew, I had less time to build models. When Corgi introduced its Aviation Archive, I purchased a few, and then as the series expanded and the quality improved, I acquired others. When Corgi began production of 1/72 aircraft models, I started to collect them in earnest, and expanded my collection to include other manufacturers. Overall, my favorite models are those from HobbyMaster and SkyMax, as they combine great value for money, excellent attention to detail and scale fidelity.

Most Expected Future Models: This is a short "wish list" for Hobbymaster: F-18G "Growler" and other Super Hornet variants; F-35; F-22; F-101; T-33, F-94, P-80; F-11F Tiger; S-3 Viking

Personal Website : www.flickr.com/trainplanepro

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Ivan Abrams Ivan Abrams Ivan Abrams Ivan Abrams Ivan Abrams Ivan Abrams Ivan Abrams Ivan Abrams