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Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson

Occupation: Architectural Designer

Total No. of Collections: About 300. Total Hobby Master Models: 45 (aircraft – 23; armor – 22)

Favorite HM Models: Aircraft: F-100 Super Saber (bare metal, 481st TFS), Beaufighter Mk X (coastal defense w/invasion stripes); F-22 Raptor (27th Squadron, Langley). Armor: Brit. Quad Tractor & 25 Pounder gun (50th North Umbrian, El Alamaein), Marder III TD (42nd TD Battalion), M-8 Greyhound (4th Armored Div).

Reasons for Collecting: As a kid I collected and built plastic models but, like many other diecast collectors, life gets busy at some point and time for modeling becomes scarce. Still, I love miniature replicas of everything from armor and aircraft to cars and tractors so, lacking the time to build them, I collect diecast. These days, the quality of diecast models is excellent in terms of detail and finish and they look great on my bookshelves. While most of my collection is in storage, some day I expect to build a space where I could put them all out on display.

Most Expected Future Models: I have a big list of models I’d love to see: Aircraft (1/72) – B-58 Hustler, U-2, Twin Mustang, Martin B-10, Saab Draken, Blom and Voss BV 141, Machi MC-200, Westland Wyvern, Heinkel He-177, MiG 25 Foxbat, Fairy Firefly, Focke-Wulf FW-189, Seversky P-35, Chance-Vought Vindicator…more. Armor: the complete Pzkfw. MK IV series (ausf. A-J, all SPs, TDs, AA platforms, and utility vehicles, too), Russian T-35, M50A1 Ontos, British Valentine, US T-95 prototype heavy tank, Italian CA13/40 and SP variant. WORLD WAR I armor: French FT-17, Saint-Chammond, Schneider, German A7V, Brit “trapezoid” tanks – Mark I-IX, Whippet light tank…and others.

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Jon Anderson Jon Anderson Jon Anderson Jon Anderson