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Ken Arnold
Occupation: Controller Chemicals Industry

Total No. of Collections: I collect 1/48 scale and own approximately 60 die cast& Plastic kit aircraft from Franklin Mint, Carousel 1, but the best by far are the 13 Hobby Master that are replacing my FM versions as they are very accurate and higher quality in comparision .

Favorite HM Models : My favorite Hobby Master models are the Buffaloes as no one else would have given us this aircraft and the new Spitfire MkI/II. I think they have a real hit with the 1930's yellow wing collection and look I'm forward to ordering the PT-17 and a Yellow Wing or Spanish Civil war version of the Fury

Reasons for Collecting : I always had an interest in WWI and WWII aviation and have an extensive library of books that helped to developed a web site of interviews of WWII aircrews from around the world. My goal has been to find an aircraft representing each of the aircrew I have interviewed.

Most Expected Future Models: HM has been the quality leader and gives us outstanding renditions of the usual suspects but also aircraft like the Buffalo and P-26 that no one else would have touched. I would love to see more 1/48 scale fighters from HM, with a Macchi 202, I-16, Yak, Spit V trop. A scale up of their P-39, Avenger and Hell Diver would be a great way for collectors of the old FM series to complete our WWII US forces collections in this scale. I hope to see them move into twin engined subjects and really like the 1/48 recent offering of the RAF Tilly vehicle for my airfield. Keep these coming.

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