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United States
Occupation: USAF Pilot

Total No. of Collections: Presently I have 8 Hobby Master aircraft in my collection. I have 3 on pre-order. My total collection numbers 150+. I started out collecting aircraft from other companies and they make up the bulk of my collection. A friend told me that I was missing out by not collecting aircraft by Hobby Master. Out of curiosity I purchased my first Hobby Master aircraft, Spitfire DW-N. Since then there has been no turning back. I'm late to the HM game but will not miss out on any other releases since Hobby Master has taken the #1 spot in my collection.

Favorite HM Models :Definitely a tie between George Preddy's P-51D, Cripes A Mighty and Robert Stanford Tuck's Spitfire Mk.I, GR-P.

Reasons for Collecting : I was brought up as an Air Force Brat. My father was a career pilot. I always interested in anything about military aviation and built airplane models as a child. That ended with the discovery of girls. I started collecting after seeing my first quality diecast Spitfire when I turned 40. I've been out of control since then.

Most Expected Future Models: Any 8th Air Force P-51D that Hobby Master produces. There are so many liveries that have never been produced. Hopefully Hobby Master will produce aircraft liveries that the other companies have never touched.

Collection Pictures:

Bart Bart Bart