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United States
Grey Church
Occupation: Information Technology Consultant

Total No. of Collections: I have over 300 diecast planes in my collection to date. Of these, 54 are Hobby Master and 6 are Skymax models

Favorite HM Models: F-4 , FW-190, BF-110, Ju87, SBD, P-51, P-26, and F-104

Reasons for Collecting: As a young child, I went to many exciting air shows and spent hours building model airplanes with my father. The history of aviation was brought to life by my father's stories of his life as a B-17 Pilot in WW2. After going away to school and starting a family, I got away from my aviation hobby, largely due to limited spare time. I really missed building and collecting model airplanes. About 3 years ago, I started looking at re-starting my aviation hobby. I did on-line research and discovered the high quality and vast array of diecast model airplanes on the market. After I purchased a few 1:72 scale diecast planes from WW2, I was hooked. My collection of diecast planes has grown to over 300 models from WW1, Pre-WW2, WW2, and modern jets. My collection would grow larger, however, storage and display space for my models is limited. Thank you Hobby Master for bringing back all those fun and exciting childhood memories of collecting model airplanes!

Most Expected Future Models: 1/72: Mig-7, Macchi MC. 205, F-35, O-2 Kingfisher, Mig 25, KI-61 Tony, Fw-189, Mitsubishi F1M, Arado Ar.196, SIAI-Marchetti SM.79

1/48: PT-17, Nieuport 17, Handley Page, Gotha G V, Fockker E 111, Vickers Fb.5

Collection Pictures:

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