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Mark Connolly
Mark Connolly
Reasons for Collecting: I have been interested in military aircraft since I can remember. I was born and raised on Canadian, American and European air force bases during the Cold War. My father was a career officer in the RCAF and when I was finished school I followed him into the Canadian Forces. My homes were always near the runways and I could often smell the kerosene when the aircraft were active. Hobby Master's contribution to the die-cast industry in its relatively short life is significant and very much appreciated. As a Canadian I know that I as well as the rest of your Canadian customers appreciate the number of aircraft you have produced with our markings and we hope the trend continues. My collection is not huge but is representative of aircraft which were or are significant to me personally. When I first started collecting about 6 years ago I focused on fighters of WWII . At that time there were only models of 2 Canadian aircraft available. I am now up to 10 and 7 of those are Hobby Master.

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Mark Connolly Mark Connolly