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United States
Clint Crane
Clint Crane
Occupation: 101st ABN. INF., Post office, Patriot.

Total No. of Collections: Armor: 78 Aircraft: 9

Overall total of diecast: Armor: 266 Aircraft: 124

Diecast Makers Armor: Hobby Master, Dragon, Panzerstahl, IXO, Forces of Valor.

Diecast Makers Aircraft: Hobby Master, Corgi, Dragon, Witty Wings, Forces of Valor, ERTL.

Favorite HM Models : Sd. Kfz. 234/4 Puma, Sd. Kfz. 234/3, Marder 111, Opel Blitz, Quad Gun Tractor/w 25pdr. Gun, and the BF 110.

Reasons for Collecting : When I was a kid I had a passion for WW11 aviation. My favorite history was WW11 and has been ever since. By Junior High school my passion for history grew to include ground warfare. My Father and two Uncles served in the Army in the ETO during WW11 which has made WW11 history more the interesting or me. I served 9 years in the U.S. Army Infantry and becoming disabled due to a shattered knee. During this time my appreciation for military history expanded to other eras. After the Army I started my life lone hobby of model building again. Then I mainly modeled in 1/35 scale armor and 1/48 aircraft. The pressure of work and family soon side lined model building. Then on day at a flea market their was a Dragon Armor Bradley for sale. I bought it and never looked back. Military diecast collecting has been very rewarding and has lead me to appreciate the 1/72 scale. This scale is optimal for I live in a small house and it lets me display large numbers of my diecast collection. When time allows I have even started building 1/72 scale armor model kits. I am hooked for life and really enjoy the detail and amount of diecast Hobby Master places into each model.

Most Expected Future Models: WW11- U.S. Halftrack variants, German Halftrack variants, Sd. Kfz. 38 variants, late model Marder 111 which is a variant of the 38, and more German light wheeled variants.

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Clint Crane Clint Crane Clint Crane Clint Crane Clint Crane Clint Crane