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Jaroslaw Galus
Jaroslaw Galus
Occupation: Banker

Total No. of Collections:
This entire collection of 28 models from companies HM, Corgi, Humor (11 models Hobby Master)

Favorite HM Models: F-4, F-111, AF-8B Harrier

Reasons for Collecting:
My passion for modeling is not long, it lasts two years and the first model was in Hobby Master 1 / 72 - Helicopter Air Power Series.

HH1001 - UH-1B Bell Iroquois "Huey" Heavy Hog ", a 64-13978 U.S. Army, Vietnam 1966

I share with all collectors with passion and I would like to still continue to collect amazing replica aircraft. Soon next replica F-102 will be on my shelf!

Most Expected Future Models: F-15, EA-6 Prowler, F-117

Collection Pictures:

Jaroslaw Galus Jaroslaw Galus Jaroslaw Galus