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Peter Huebner
Peter Huebner
Occupation: Logistics Specialist

Reasons for Collecting: I started collecting some years back with a diescast car I received as a gift. Have been building models since I was a kid, that’s a ways back, and my room’s ceiling was full of aircraft. My father was a pilot in WW2, never flew again and never really talked about it but did haul me to several air shows. Then in 1972 I went to Germany with my mother and sister to visit my grandmother. I met my uncle for the first time who was an instructor for the German Air Force. His house was adorned with all kinds of aircraft models which he had built, I was in heaven. He had no idea that I enjoyed modeling or my interest in aircraft, so he arranged a tour of the airbase. WOW, not only did I get an unprecedented tour but was allowed to sit in a Star fighter as well as a Phantom, something I still hold dear in my memory today many years later. During our stay I became somewhat of a novelty to his fellow airmen and made several more trips to the airbase. As our holiday was coming to a close the guys picked me up one day and did not tell me where we were going. We arrived at a large field surrounded by hills and lush vegetation. They had decided I needed to be exposed to what they called “True Flight”, a sail plane. I did not think of it then but as I reflect, here are men who fly some of the coolest aircraft and they really prefer powerless flight, after going up I see why, it is pure flight. Well this young lad was hooked. Life marches on and I get to fly a bit now and again but never did become a pilot. Years back I was in a local department store and seen a diecast F4U Corsair, by Matchbox, $20, well I could build one but the detail was amazing. That really launched my collecting, ended up buying the whole series. I still like to build plastic models but focus on aircraft that are not available in diecast form. As I mentioned before life marches on and I do not always have the time to build. The bulk of my collection is WW2 aircraft, 129 pieces, modern jets 20 and helicopters 15 or so, and the collection is growing. With German heritage I seem to lean towards German aircraft but being a Canadian anything with Canadian markings is a must, my Hobby Masters Harvard is one of my favorites, there are several of them not far from where I live, any time they go in the air I am close by. My hats off to companies like Hobby Master who keep our eye’s to the skies to those wondrous flying machines. Am hopping to see more Canadian aircraft, F-18 with Canadian markings is one. Keep up the good work and to my fellow collectors, they say if we grow up we grow old, collecting brings out the kid hidden in all of us.

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