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Sri Lanka
Jalyia Jayasekera
Jaliya Jayasekera
Occupation: I am 22 years old and currently engaged in getting my private pilot's license. I hope to continue in this field and become a commercial pilot soon!

Total No. of Collections: My total 1/72 aircraft is 19 (including plastic kit aircraft that I build and paint) and I have about four 1/48 aeroplanes as well. I will be purchasing and building more 1/72 aircraft as this scale is "just right" in size!

Favorite HM Models :I am partial to the "Phabulous" F4 Phantom, F100 Super Sabre, MiG21 Fishbed, MiG15 Fagot and the "one-oh-four" F104 Starfighter.

Reasons for Collecting : My love and passion for aviation started very young (when I was about 4 years) when I saw the hit TV show Airwolf. The star of the show was a black/white helicopter (Bell 222A) and this made me love aircraft and aviation in general. When I grew older, I realised my interest was more on military aviation than civil aviation so I read more on topics related to WWII & post war aircraft. This led me to sketch and collect military aircraft.

Most Expected Future Models:I will be looking forward for more Phantoms, MiG21s, MiG15s, F104s (including the upcoming TF104 two-seater) and any other aircraft HM decides to make that hasn't been done yet. On my wish list is a IAI Kfir C7 in Sri Lankan Air Force colours and the iconic cold-war MiG23/27 family.

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Jalyia Jayasekera Jalyia Jayasekera Jalyia Jayasekera Jalyia Jayasekera Jalyia Jayasekera Jalyia Jayasekera Jalyia Jayasekera