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Steve Klett
Steve Klett
Occupation: Magazine editor/writer in the consumer electronics / entertainment space.

Total No. of Collections: I own more than 300 diecast aircraft, about 30-40 of which are Hobby Master. My main interest is WWII, which dominates my collection. However, I also enjoy collecting modern jets and have quite a few of those as well. I collect all scales up to 1:32, but prefer 1:72 for jets and 1:48 for WWII props. I also have a “thing” for Phantoms, and thanks to Hobby Master that section of my collection is growing quickly!

Favorite HM Models: My favorite HobbyMaster model is the 1:32 Dauntless, and the pre-war scheme (HA0201) is a knockout in the display case! Then, I also really enjoy the Phantoms—as noted above—and am really excited about the 1:48 line growing in the future!

Reasons for Collecting: I have always had a fascination with flight and an avid interest in WWII history. I used to enjoy model building but wasn’t very good at it. Once I discovered the world of pre-built diecast options I was hooked!

Most Expected Future Models: Like Harry, I would really like to see the 1:48 line grow, and I’d also love to see a good birdcage corsair in 1:48. (However, I’d be even more psyched to see a 1:32 Corsair to go with my Dauntless!) I’d also really like to see HM come out with an Il-2 in 1:48, which the hobby really needs considering how important an airframe this was to the Eastern Front.

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Steve Klett Steve Klett Steve Klett Steve Klett