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United States
Louir Lenoir
Louir Lenoir
Occupation: Capital Project Sales Recreation Industry

Total No. of Collections: 200plus of these 54 are Hobby Master I also have about 5 Skymax models

Favorite HM Models: F-4 , P-26, F4B, A-10, F-102, SB2C, F-104

Reason For Collecting: I am a USAF veteran have loved planes all my life. I built plastic models as a kid, but could never achieve the level of fit and finish that diecast models provided. I did not really start collecting higher quality diecast until I was in my ealry 30's. When I first started collecting Hobbymaster models I was amazed at the level of detail each model had. I could not get enough and soon had multiples of each model type. I am an avid 1/72 scale collector. Thanks to Hobbymaster I have now ventured into other scales such as 1/48 because of the great pre-war "Golden Age" models Hobbymaster is producing. Hobbymaster came out of nowhere and took the diecast market by surprise. This company has shown time and again that it cares what collectors think and want. I think there are other very good manufacturers in the same market, but none thus far can beat Hobbymaster in overall quality and value. Thanks William and the entire company at Hobbymaster HK. You guys are truly the best of the best!

Most Expected Future Models:
1/72: IL-2, Macchi Folgore, F-5, T-37, T-38, P-38, F-101, F-106, RA-5C Vigilante,Alpha Jet, Mirage III, F-35, O-2 Kingfisher, Mig 25, KI-61 Tony, A-26

1/200: B-47, B-58, B-29,B-1,B-52, Boeing Clipper, C-141, C-5A, KC-135, C-9,C-130

1/48: PT-17, Nieuport 17, Curtiss Hawk

Collection Pictures:

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