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Rene Mooren
Rene Mooren
Occupation: Sales Employee

Total No. of Collections: 100+ of all kinds of brands

Favorite HM Models: FW190 , mustang and spitfire

Reasons for Collecting: All my life I've been interested in aircrafts ,especially the ww2 ones thats why most of my collection consist out of them with my favorites the FW190 and BF109 . I'm also a volunteer with a research group doing research on the airwar above the Netherlands and I also collect planes and heli's from the Dutch airforce in 1:72.

Most Expected Future Models: FW190 in JG54 camo (Russian front ) of course BF109 , HE-111, Maruader , NF5 in camocolours and the ME 210 or 410 ( never seen this before in a diecastmodel).

Collection Pictures:

Rene Mooren Rene Mooren Rene Mooren Rene Mooren