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Jonathan Parker
Jonathan Parker
Total No. of Collections: About 25 HM planes on display and around 25 still in the boxes. My whole collection in general is over 200 planes.

Favorite HM Models : F4 Phantom

Reasons for Collecting : I have always been a aviation buff since i was 6 months old my father and his best friend used to take me up in their Cessena 150 airplane and for many years to come i was always riding in airplanes and grew to love to fly. I tried to collect all the military plastic model fighters that were ever made in 1:72 or 1:48 when i was a kid, As a adult i have been collecting diecast planes since 2000, But these last few years have been really great with Hobby Master being in the game they have made never before diecast aircrafts and most of all they really do care about what the collectors wants in todays market. If it had not of been for Hobby Master making these great diecast planes i might of stopped collecting altogether, Now i have a good reason to collect as long as they keep putting out good products I'll be making more room in my curios.

Most Expected Future Models: The F-22 Raptor would be on my most wanted list along with a P-61 Black Widow fighter of WWII.

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Jonathan Parker Jonathan Parker