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Dave Portier
Dave Portier

Occupation: I'm a army medic veteran and the last 8 years I work for a insurance company on the ocupations health services department.

Total No. of Collections:
-Gruman F9F (ATU-206/ NAS Pensacola 1956) 1/48
- Gruman F9F2 Blue angels ( teamleader) 1/48
- Harier AV8B marines 1/72
- EF 111a raven " get em eat crow" 1/72
- beaufighter "bambi" 1/72
- A10 A warthog 1/72
- Gruman avenger 1/72
- F100 D super sabre vietnam 1970 1/72

Favorite HM Models: Gruman F9F, WW2 and modern US NAVY jets, USAF jets vietnam period ( F102 delta dagger)

Reasons for Collecting :All my life I've collected jet scale models. The last 10 years i've lost my collection and my interest by circumstances. But two months ago I saw the highly detailed diecast models of Hobbymaster on the internet and my love and interest for airplanes is getting back again. So I decided to start collect the HM models.

Most Expected Future Models:
- F102A Delta Dagger 1/72 USAF, 56-1444, 509th FIS Da Nang AFB, South Vietnam 1968
- F102 Delta Dagger 1/72 USAF, 317th FIS, 21st Composite Wing, Alaskan Air Command, Alaska 1960's

Collection Pictures:

Dave Portier Dave Portier Dave Portier Dave Portier