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United States
Dauntless Aviation
Collin Riley
Occupation: Retired (at one time a computer operator, then a technical writer)

Total No. of Collections: 667 from 28+ makers, including 87 from Hobby Master.

Favorite HM Models : MiG-15, P-26, F3F, though the new Spitfire Mk 1 and the Fw 190 series are giving the first three types a run for their money

Reasons for Collecting : I've always loved airplanes, but, except for dozens of Aurora models put together in the early to mid 1950's, I was never really a model collector. My first experience in the crazy world of diecast accumulation was a Matchbox found in a local store, which led to a search of the Internet where I found other diecast, especially those from Corgi in 1/72, and GeminiJets and AeroClassics in 1/400. Eventually, to give some justification for all this collecting, I created a Web page containing "portraits" of some of my collection, which pretty much eliminated the possibility of having any unoccupied retirement moments! In short, it's all for the fun of it!

Most Expected Future Models: Dreamer that I am, I'd hold out for an X-1, a Yak-15, and a line of 1/48 Japanese WWII types.

Personal Website : www.diecastairplanesandwaterlineships.com

Collection Pictures:

Collin Riley Collin Riley Collin Riley Collin Riley