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Jonathan Yuen
Total Number of Models: 10

Favorite HM Models: F-22 Raptor (302nd Squadron, Elmendorf), F-22 Raptor (27th Squadron, Langely)

Reasons for Collecting: I only began collecting fairly recently during the summer of 2010. Unlike most of the other collectors here I’m fairly young within my early 20s. My first exposure to military planes can probably be attributed to my father and uncle. My father was raised in Hong Kong during the 1950s and 1960s and often talked about building model kits as a kid, including naval, army, and air models. His childhood stories of taking his finished model kits to Hong Kong’s Victoria park to play with other children certainly intrigued me. My uncle whom also has a huge collection of unopened model aircraft kits, (large enough to open up a model shop) gave me a better idea of just how many aircraft designs existed.

However, the real reason that sparked my interest in collecting happened after I read the awesome alternate history sci-fi novel, “Weapons of Choice” by John Birmingham. It’s a great novel that features an aircraft carrier task force (with several thousand men and women in ships, aircraft and tanks from 2021) that’s accidentally sent back in time to 1942 just before the Battle of Midway. The detailed descriptions of the military tech from the future, and the implications they had on WWII era politics, war strategy and society just boggled my mind. In addition, it was just a joy to read about men and women from the future using modern day weapons including: 21st Century naval warships, F-22 Raptors, AV-8B Harriers and M1A1 Abrams tanks against WWII era Japanese and German forces. The excitement I got from reading that book and its sequels jumpstarted a fascination that began with naval warships, then the F-22 Raptor, followed by everything else that’s related to naval, land and aerial warfare. As a result I primarily collect WWII era and modern day military diecast aircraft. Hobby Master is definitely my favorite brand out of the bunch, as I just love the excellent diecast metal sculpts, paint jobs and accessories present in each and every set I’ve bought. I will continue collecting for years to come.

Most Expected Future Models: F-86, F-15, CF-18, F-35, J6, J-10

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