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King Tiger (Porsche) sPzAbt 503, 1944 France, "334"
General Background
Hitler was impressed with Allied heavy tanks and in 1941 ordered his own. In late 1942 Tiger I's appeared, bigger and better and had a massive 88mm main gun with greatly improved armor. In 1944 the Tiger II, a larger tank arrived with an upgraded 88mm and armor that was almost impenetrable making it the most powerful tank of WWII. Just the sight of a Tiger II caused fear but they were too few and too late. The Tiger's biggest enemy was lack of fuel and mechanical breakdown.
The Tank
s.Pz.Abt. 503 was the second unit sent to France to repel the Allied invasion. Even with a huge 88mm gun and thick armor the King Tiger fell victim to mechanical problems, fuel shortages, Allied fighter-bombers and naval gunfire that proved fatal for the 503rd. By September 9, 1944 with just two of the original twenty-six Tiger IIs remaining the 503rd was ordered out of France. Number 334 met its end when it ran out of fuel and with no hope of re-supply the crew.
Specifications :
Weight: 75 tons
Crew: 5
Weapons: 88mm L71, 2 KwK 43 gun with 86 rounds, 2  7.92mm machine guns MG34 with 5850 rounds
Armor: Hull - 150mm (nose 100mm, sloped plate 150mm@50 degrees, sides and rear 80mm, top 40mm, bottom 25mm)
Turret: 185mm (front 185mm, sides and rear 80mm, top 44mm)
Engine: 700hp gasoline Maybach HL230 P, 12-cylinders on V, liquid cooled
Speed: 38km/h