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JS-2 Russian Heavy Tank 27th Guards Separate Heavy Tank Regiment, 21st Army, Vyborg (Viipuri), June 1944
General Background
The JS tanks were named after Joseph Stalin. The JS-2 had a 122mm D-25T main gun and 6 road wheels to improve soft ground track performance. In 1944 new specifications included new armour tempering, a 60-degree glacis replaced the 30-degree and the driver's front hatch was removed. Also a relocated wider porthole, improved mantlet, increased lower hull side armor and a new periscope sight. The commander's cupola moved to the left and a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun attached. In 1944 2,250 JS-2's were produced and no further improvements were made until 1954.
Specifications :
Crew: 4
Combat weight: 46 tons
Power-to-weight ratio: 11.3 hp/t
Hull length: 6.68 m
Overall length: 9.91 m
Width: 3.07 m
Engine: V-21 4-stroke V-type diesel 520 HP
Transmission: Multiple dry main clutch, mechanical gearbox with reduction gear,
2-stage planetary turning mechanism and side drives, 8 gears forward, 2 reverse
Fuel capacity: 137 gallons internal + 80 gallons external + 110 gallons supplementary
Maximum speed: road 23mph, off road 18mph
Maximum range: 150 miles
Fuel consumption: 0.8 gallons/mile
Fording depth: 1.3 m
Armament: D-25T Model 1943 122mm rifled tank gun
Main gun ammunition: BR-47B (armor piercing/tracer); BP-460A (HEAT shaped charge); OF-462 and OF-471 (HE fragmentation)
Muzzle velocity: 2560 ft/s
Maximum effective range: 9 miles indirect fire; 900m direct-fire
Stowed main gun rounds: 28
Gun depression/elevation: 3 to +20 degrees
Secondary armament: DshK model 1938 12.7 mm machine gun, co-axial DT 7.62 mm machine gun, DT 7.62 mm close defence machine gun
Armor: 90-120 mm hull front, 90-95 mm hull sides, 60 mm hull rear, 160 mm turret front, 100 mm turret rear sides, 90 mm turret rear.