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KV-1's Ehkranami
General Background
In 1939 the Red Army Command requested for a heavy breakthrough tank and the two-turret SMK was selected. After a radical re-design, the new tank was marked as the KV-1 heavy tank with one turret and it was armed with the higher velocity 76 . 2mm main gun.

In July 1941, the KV-1 underwent an upgrade of armor protection with “ appliqued armor panels ” applied . It was designated as the KV-1E ( Ekranami" means appliqued armor]. This modification along with a few others features brought the weight from 43 ton n es to 50 tonnes .

This particular tank has the patriotic slogan “ Bey fashistkuyu gabinu! ” painted on the turret which means “Crush the Fascist Vipers” .There are no official records with the exact number of KV-1Es produced.
Specifications :
Crew : 5
Weight : 47-50 tonnes
Length : 6.75m
Width : 3.32m
Height : 2.71m
Amour : 90mm
Main armament : 76.2 mm F-32 gun with 111 rounds
Secondary armament : 3 x 7.62 mm DT Machine Guns with 3024 rounds. Located coaxial, bow, turret rear
Power plant : 12 cylinder diesel V-2 600 hp
Suspension : Torsion bar
Road speed : 35 km/h
Power/Weight : 13 hp/tonne
Range : 335 km