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KV-2 Soviet Heavy Tank unknown unit, WWII
General Background
The Russian KV-2 heavy tank was famous for its enormous size and the gigantic 152mm gun. It was named after the Soviet defense commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov. The KV-2, designed as a slow-moving bunker-buster, was built using the same hull and chassis as the KV-1. It was reported that the KV-2 could withstand over forty enemy hits and none penetrated its armor before the use of Flak 18s and 36s by the Germans. However, the KV-2 was a victim of its own design because of its large turret which stood out as an east target for enemy firepower. It was also tremendously heavy and had a high rate of mechanical failure.

A total of 334 KV-2s was produced during the period from 1940 to October 1941. The Russian words "For Stalin" was inscribed on this high profile turret.
Specifications :
Weight: 52 tonnes
Length: 23.3 ft – 7.1 m
Width: 10.9 ft – 3.32 m
Height: 10.6 ft – 3.23 m
Clearance: 1.4 ft – .43 m


Diesel V-2K 600 hp

Maximum speed: 21 mph – 34km/h
Maximum range: 155 miles - 250 km
Armor: Hull front /2.95 in – 75 mm
  Hull side/2.95 in – 75 mm
  Hull rear/2.36 to 2.76 in – 60 to 70 mm
  Turret/2.95 in – 75 mm
Armament: 1 x 152 mm M-10 model 1938/1940 Howitzer
  3 x 7.62 mm DT machine guns
Crew: 6
Production total: Approximately 334