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Centurion IDF Shot Mk5/1 10th Armor Brigade, Samaria, West Bank, Israel 1967
General Background
The Centurion Mk. I, the first of 13 variations was delivered to the British Army in 1949 with a 17-pound gun. The Mk. 3 went to war in Korea with a 20-pound main gun. After Korea came a NATO standardization program for ammunition so the 7.92mm coaxial machine gun was changed to 7.62mm and a bore evacuator installed on the main gun and it was re-designated Mk. 5. The next improvement was replacing the main gun with an L7 105mm and an additional 2-inch armored plate on the front and this became the Mk. 6.
Specifications :
Number manufactured: 4,423
User countries: 16+
Engine: 1 X gasoline Rolls-Royce Mk. IVB 12 cylinder liquid-cooled producing 650 hp at 2550 rpm
Maximum speed: 34 km/h (21.1 mph)
Fuel capacity: 10,371 L (2,740 US gal)
Range: 190 km (118 mi)
Armament: 105 mm main gun – 64 rounds
  7.62 mm MG coaxial – 4,750 rounds
  12.7 mm MG (Commander's cupola) – 600 rounds
  2 X 6 smoke grenade dischargers
Combat weight: 51.82 t (114,243 lb)
Length: 7.823 m (25.66 ft) excluding the gun (9.854 m (32.3 ft) with gun)
Width: 3.39 m (11.12 ft)
Height: 3.009 m (9.87 ft)
Armor: maximum 152 mm (5.98 in)
Crew: 4