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German Tank Destroyer Marder III Stalingrad, Winter 1943
General Background
In 1941 while invading the USSR the German generals realized that their tanks were no match for the new Soviet T34 and KV-1. While new German tanks were being developed and existing tanks upgraded there was a need for a stopgap vehicle. This would be the Marder III Tank Destroyer (English – Marder means Marten) based on the chassis of the Czechoslovak Panzer 38(t) and produced in 3 variants, Sd.Kfz.139, Ausf.H, Sd.Kfz.138 and Ausf.M, Sd.Kfz.138. These Tank Destroyers saw action on all battlefronts.
Specifications :
Country of origin: Germany
Number built: 363
Crew: 4, Driver, Radio Operator, Gunner, Commander
Engine: Praga EPA 6-cylinder producing 125 hp or Praga EPA/2 6-cylinder producing 140 hp
Fuel: 218 litres
On road: 185 km
Cross-Country: 140 km
Speed: 42 km/h
Length: 5.85 m
Width: 2.16 m
Height: 2.50 m
Weight: 10,670 kg
Armor: 10 to 50 mm
Armament: (1) 76.2 mm Pak 36(r) L/51 main gun with 30 rounds
(1) 7.92 mm MG37(t) with 1,200 rounds