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Horch 1a with 20mm Flak 38 Dak 1941
General Background
Germany decided to create a new range of standardized chassis for their vehicles. In 1935 Auto Union/Horch Chassis I was produced for heavy passenger cars. The chassis allowed for either rear mounted or front mounted engines depending on the job. The original chassis that had front and rear wheel steering was designated 1A. From 1939–40 a four-wheel drive variant was available and designated 1B. The Horch served throughout WWII on every front as a passenger car, a communications car, an ammo vehicle, an anti-aircraft gun plus more.
Specifications :
Manufactured by: Auto-Union/Horch. This company was the result of the 1932 merger of Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer to form the Auto Union. The four rings on today’s Audi cars represents this merger.
Number of passengers: 6 including driver.
Engine: Auto-Union/Horch V-8, 3,823 cc, 81 bhp @ 3,600 rpm (In 1932 Audi merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderer to form the Auto Union.)
Fuel: 120 litres
Gross: 4,800 kg
Net: 3,600 kg
Payload: 1,200 kg
Road: 400 km
Cross country: 300 km
Length: 4,850 mm
Width: 2,000 mm
Height: 2,040 mm
Ground Clearance: 250 mm
Track: 1,646 mm
Wheelbase: 3,000 mm
Fording Depth: 550 mm